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Claus Michael Sattler

Telephone: 0049 (174) 6031377
Email: cmsattler@cmsattler.de

The middle class is my home

I come from a medium-sized company, think like entrepreneurs and implement the common goals in companies with strong leadership and an employee focus.

I am a firefighter for the topics of IT infrastructure, digital transformation and data analysis, if there are already pressing challenges and tasks in your company. As a hands-on expert, project manager, project manager and mentor, I am at your side with my practical experience from more than 45 years of data processing, data use and data interpretation. As IT Manager, Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Digital Officer, I was responsible for annual project budgets between €25,000 and €40 million throughout Germany, Europe and worldwide.

Together we will optimize your company, your employees and your business processes for current and future challenges.

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Formal / Legal

Claus Michael Sattler
(Master Craftsman / Business Economist)

P.O.-Box 1142
28833 Weyhe

Telephone: 0049 (174) 6031377
Email: cmsattler@cmsattler.de


Diploma in Economics and Sinology
Renate Sattler
HKUST-Kellogg-EMBA (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

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