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Claus Michael Sattler

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Jürgen Muhle, CEO avanca energy AG, Zuerich, SwitzerlandJürgen Muhle, CEO avanca energy AG, Zuerich, Switzerland

avanca energy AG is a company that focuses on sustainable energy and logistics solutions. I got to know Claus Sattler as a far-sighted IT strategist when we founded our subsidiary Green Solutions GmbH. Together with our group's IT team, Claus laid the software and hardware foundations for the growth of Green. In addition to his responsibility for the introduction of ERP and CRM, he and his colleagues from IT introduced Microsoft Teams and a uniform video conference system in all companies in our group. Together, the colleagues and Claus realized the prerequisites for the decentralized communication between people in the company, which was so urgently needed at this time, even before the Covid 19 impairments.

Alexander Renz, Managing Director of Alternoil GmbH, Steinfeld, GermanyAlexander Renz, Managing Director of Alternoil GmbH, Steinfeld, Germany

Alternoil is a medium-sized service station operator. We are among the first companies in Europe to offer LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) as a fuel for heavy goods vehicles. Today we operate one of the largest LNG filling station partner networks in Europe. Claus Sattler also came to us as part of the Avanca projects and set up a data collection and data analysis system for the machine data of our complex LNG filling stations installed on a container basis, with which we were able to optimize the supply of our filling stations with LNG using the 'reverse milk can principle'. Furthermore, the solution offered the possibility of detecting any malfunctions in the systems at an early stage.

Wolfram Schulze, CIO Rentschler Biopharma SEWolfram Schulze, CIO Rentschler Biopharma SE

Back in 2018, Claus Michael Sattler and I developed a highly secure data collection and data analysis architecture for Rentschler Biopharma SE. Our focus was on the integration of data from segregated networks for integrated analysis while ensuring data and information security. This innovative solution was later developed into the "Rentschler Digital Platform" and was already using the robust Microsoft Azure infrastructure back then. Claus' extensive ability to integrate and coordinate many diverse stakeholders as well as his deep technical competence played a decisive role in handling large amounts of data and their seamless integration into the ongoing administration, research and development processes. Claus's work has significantly advanced our processes. Together, this resulted in our chapter 'From Data to Vial: The Impact of Vertical IT Integration on the Success of CDMOs', which is published in the book 'Digital Transformation of Healthcare Services Volume VII: Impulses for the Pharmaceutical Industry' by the publisher Prof. Dr. Pfannstiel et al. has been published (Original chapter title: 'From Data to Vial: Der Einfluss von vertikaler IT-Integration auf den Erfolg von CDMOs‘, original book title: ‚Digitale Transformation von Dienstleistungen im Gesundheitswesen Band VII: Impulse für die Pharmaindustrie‘)

Gerald Tengler, CIO University Medicine GreifswaldGerald Tengler, CIO University Medicine Greifswald

I got to know and appreciate Claus Michael Sattler in my function as Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the University Medical Center Greifswald. His experience from countless projects is an exciting book for every customer, which is worth reading and whose content is good to learn from. In many conversations, I have always been able to get to know new aspects from his three specialist areas of IT infrastructure management, Industry 4.0 (digitization / digital transformation) and data-driven management processes / data-driven management decisions. He is an IT manager who always thinks outside the box, analyzes and does not gloss over developments, but names them. After his IT assessment, I was able to incorporate an exceptional number of points into my strategy.

Bruno Schwarz, LawyerBruno Schwarz, Lawyer

Mr. Claus Michael Sattler is a competent and goal-oriented leader. Mr. Sattler has proven this with successful start-ups in the field of digitization. In addition to his professional skills, Mr. Sattler is characterized by his optimism, helpfulness and team spirit. From my point of view, Mr. Sattler can therefore be recommended without reservation as a decision-maker for projects and activities in the field of digitization. I wish Mr. Sattler all the best and every success for new professional challenges. With best wishes, Bruno Schwarz, Lawyer

Prof. Dr. Karl Schmedders, Professor of Finance passionate about ESG at IMD LausanneProf. Dr. Karl Schmedders, Professor of Finance passionate about ESG at IMD Lausanne

I met Claus Michael Sattler in Hong Kong in 2018 as part of the 20th anniversary of the Kellogg EMBA program at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), where I gave a lecture on the topic of "Digital Disruption". Since this event, Claus and I have been regularly exchanging views on data interpretation and data usage. I experience him again and again as an experienced and creative data interpreter. I always learn a lot from him in our conversations. I'm really looking forward to his book "Simply think data differently! Companies' undiscovered gold!".

Michael Schiffgen, Management of corporate processes and digitization, Dr. Becker clinic groupMichael Schiffgen, Management of corporate processes and digitization, Dr. Becker clinic group

We really appreciate the cooperation with Mr. Sattler. His analytical way of thinking and clear way of communicating were extremely helpful in our projects.

Reiner Riedl, Head of Global SalesReiner Riedl, Head of Global Sales

I met Claus Michael Sattler in 2018 as part of a project dealing with the digital transformation in the production of personal chemotherapeutics. When analyzing production data and data from the development of therapeutics, Mr. Sattler recognized connections between the deviations in production data and the climate data in the ultra-clean laboratory. Mr. Sattler was thus able to establish a correlation between the production processes and climatic influences that were previously unknown. The climate data was measured, documented and archived using devices from JUMO GmbH & Co. KG. He transformed our devices from purely mandatory data documentation to essential components of our customer's strategic production planning and thus made an important contribution to our digitization strategy.

In addition, Mr. Sattler was a keynote speaker at our annual sales meeting with several hundred employees from all over the world. His inspiring keynote contributed, among other things, to the realignment of the products and product strategies of JUMO GmbH & Co. KG.

Dr. Martin Schultz, Head of Telemedicine Center CharitéDr. Martin Schultz, Head of Telemedicine Center Charité

In my function as head of the Telemedizincentrum Charité, I was in professional exchange with Mr. Sattler, among other things in the course of the SOS project. This project was about the fact that we at the Charité had developed a mobile communication system for rescuing an employee who had had an accident from an offshore wind turbine in the North Sea as part of telemedicine, which facilitates communication between a first responder and a doctor on land.

Our goal was that the conversations with the first responders on the wind turbine and the doctors on land should be automatically transcribed during the rescue operation. The very high level of competence and the very practice-oriented advice from Mr. Sattler were very relevant for our team and for the further development of the project. I am happy to work with Mr. Sattler on future projects on the topics of digital transformation, medicine 4.0 and telemedicine.

Jörg Heitmann, Managing DirectorJörg Heitmann, Managing Director

A few years ago, EVE realized a joint project with Claus Michael Sattler, which made it possible to dictate visit reports (speech to text) and to store the report directly in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM process. At that time we were sales partners and also customers of Mr. Sattler. In 2020, we then implemented an innovative CRM project together with him as part of the development of a new filling station network for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) for heavy goods traffic in Europe. In this project, Mr. Sattler was our contact person at the customer. Mr. Sattler speaks out for future-proof IT architectures through his understanding and far-sightedness. The challenges of the customers and the associated conceptual work could be structured with him and the end customer in workshops and successfully mapped in a new IT ecosystem.

Dr. Ralf Otto, Business Development ManagerDr. Ralf Otto, Business Development Manager

Claus is an experienced consultant in the are of IT strategy, infrastructure and applications. As an entrepreneur he has proven his business expertise and has shown in many occasions how IT is a key enabler for smart businesses.

Silvanus Lindemann, Head of Quality ManagementSilvanus Lindemann, Head of Quality Management

I got to know Claus Michael Sattler more than 15 years ago as an excellently networked colleague during a training course to become a state-certified data protection officer. His experience with digital strategies for companies and their implementation in productive processes made it much easier for me to implement digitization topics in the area of securing revenue in the healthcare sector. Our conversations have always been profitable.

Tobias L. Hofmann, Managing DirectorTobias L. Hofmann, Managing Director

As the founder and managing director of FACHARZT 24 Media GmbH, Claus Michael Sattler advised me on the implementation of interfaces between doctor systems and our online appointment booking system. The methods proposed by Mr. Sattler enabled us to build interfaces very easily without the manufacturers of the doctor and practice information systems having to program. I would consult Mr. Sattler again at any time for the implementation of complex IT systems. His competence and creativity were an asset for us.

Tony RiccintoTony Riccinto

I met Claus several years back while he was a client of CA Technologies. He was quick to engage and provide honest and invaluable feedback to me on how we could improve not only our products but how we could add value to the way we provided customer support to our customers. Claus became a “trusted advisor” and friend ever since. Claus would be a tremendous asset to any organization, and they would be lucky to have him.

Marco Nöchel, Managing DirectorMarco Nöchel, Managing Director

I have already implemented many digitization and cloud projects with Mr. Claus Michael Sattler. He is always open to new technologies and has great knowledge and a great understanding of IT contexts. As a proven data protection expert, he also knows exactly when to plan for a private cloud and for which applications a public cloud is sufficient.

Jens Grootoonk, Head of ITJens Grootoonk, Head of IT

I implemented two projects with Mr. Sattler. The first project involved a dictation solution for our hospital. In the second project, Mr. Sattler introduced a dictation system, speech recognition and an external transcription service in the pathology department in Berlin-Buch. Both projects were implemented perfectly. Even after the projects, his foresight repeatedly showed us potential for rationalization.

Sven-Thorsten Buchweitz, Managing DirectorSven-Thorsten Buchweitz, Managing Director

I have known Claus Michael Sattler for many years from professional collaboration; privately we are friends. I was impressed by his excellent expertise in the topics of digital transformation and his data analysis method "Thinking data differently" and repeatedly gave me new aspects of the consideration of facts and valuable suggestions in my management tasks. Every discussion with Claus Michael Sattler on this topic is an inspiring enrichment!

Herald Mulder, Sales and Marketing DirectorHerald Mulder, Sales and Marketing Director

I have come to know Claus as a very reliable professional. Claus always keeps his word and is never afraid to work evenings / weekends to fulfil his obligations. Furthermore, Claus is very hospitable, which always makes working with him very pleasant. Claus would also, even if the message is less fun, honestly say what he thinks about something, which makes him a very strong leader and a creative professional. I have always enjoyed working with Claus.

Andreas Gutesa, Key-Account-ManagerAndreas Gutesa, Key-Account-Manager

I got to know and appreciate Claus Michael Sattler in numerous projects. As a proven data center professional, he consistently uses the hybrid IT world of internal IT and modern cloud solutions. With more than forty years of experience in medium-sized companies and corporations, he is always an important contact when adapting hybrid IT infrastructures to today's challenges of digital transformation, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0.

Jörn Weitzmann, LawyerJörn Weitzmann, Lawyer

Competent hands-on consultant with creative ideas and implementation skills.

Tobias HäuslerTobias Häusler

The cooperation with Claus Michael Sattler is always characterized by a high level of efficiency, reliability and at the same time by great humanity. I look forward to every next time.

Michael ReischerMichael Reischer

Working with Claus Michael Sattler is always a very, very pleasant task. Agreements and promises are always kept or exceeded. The development of a common interface ran smoother than ever before in other projects. It is and always will be a pleasure for me to continue working with Mr. Sattler.

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