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Keynote auf dem Pharma Forum 2020: "Welche Auswirkungen hat die Digitalisierung auf die Zukunft der Gesundheits- und Pharmabranche?"

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Weyhe / Vienna – From September 29, 2020 to September 30th, 2020 the imh Institut Manfred Hämmerle GmbH organized the Forum Pharma 2020 in the NH Hotel Danube City in Vienna. More than 70 participants attended the event personally on site in Vienna and other people via the Internet.

As part of this congress, Claus Michael Sattler, Managing Director of INDUfact UG (limited liability), was a keynote speaker on the topic “What effects will digitization have on the future of the health and pharmaceutical industry?”

In his forty-minute lecture, Sattler gave an overview of the influence of digital transformation on the private lives of all forum participants.

He provocatively asked the question: “Which well-known 19th-century carriage manufacturer is still the leading manufacturer of cars or trucks on the market today?” and made it clear that Industry 4.0 (I4) is not a question of wanting to or participating, but one Question of the survival of a company, because no well-known carriage manufacturer still builds cars or trucks today.

After the first superficial presentation of the Framework Architecture Model Industry 4.0 (RAMI 4.0), Sattler went into the importance of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in the production of chemotherapeutic agents and described the possibility of data-based forecast models in the development and production of such drugs for the various pharmaceutical companies.

Some conference participants described his derivation and definition of the new concept of indirect predictive maintenance as visionary. The term predictive maintenance was defined very early on by I4 specialists. Sattler presented his definition of the new concept of indirect predictive maintenance to the interested group of participants.

After comparing Industry 3.0 and Industry 4.0 using the framework architecture model Industry 4.0 (RAMI 4.0), Sattler went into his definition of vertical IT integration and horizontal IT integration and their importance for the pharmaceutical industry. In doing so, Sattler referred to his definitions, which he published in the book “Digital Transformation of Services in the Health Care System VII: Impulses for the Pharmaceutical Industry” by Prof. Dr. Mario A. Pfannstiel, Prof. Dr. Patrick Da Cruz and Prof. Dr. Erik Rederer first published.

At the end of his lecture, Sattler went into the digital transformation of pharmaceutical sales and worked out the approaches for direct customer contact between manufacturers and patients. In his approach, Sattler does not ignore doctors and pharmacists, but involves them directly and indirectly in the data collection required for manufacturers.

Predictive Maintenance

The term predictive maintenance is often defined as follows:

  1. First of all, predictive maintenance learns to interpret this data on the basis of historical maintenance-relevant data and in turn to extract relevant information for maintenance from it.
  2. Real-time predictive maintenance integrates the measurement data collected in real-time into the consideration of historical data and evaluates them in almost real-time.
  3. Based on historical data and/or data collected in real time, predictive maintenance dares to make forecasts of future events and tries to answer the question “What will happen when in a machine or a system?” as closely as possible to reality.

Indirect predictive maintenance

The concept of indirect predictive maintenance defined by Sattler, like predictive maintenance, deals with answering the question: “What will happen when?”

In contrast to predictive maintenance, indirect predictive maintenance uses different data and information to calculate exactly the measured values that are then required to answer the question of “what and when”, which has already been mentioned several times above. Sattler first made this plausible using secondary factors influencing the success of a Formula 1 team. He then transferred this example to the production of chemotherapeutic agents and HIV drugs.

Discussion: "New technologies and automation processes in pharmaceutical manufacturing - where is the human being?"

After his presentation, Sattler discussed the following questions together with other experts from the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Will employees be replaced by machines?
  • What is the cost-benefit ratio of the latest robotic technology?
  • How can the staff be optimally involved in innovation processes?

Evaluation of his Lecture

At the end of the event, the participants rated his presentation as follows:

www.cmsattler.de - Bewertung: Pharma Forum 2020, Wien, Österreich

Contact the Organizer

The slides for this keynote lecture are available from the imh Institut Manfred Hämmerle GmbH, Linke Wienzeile 234, 1150 Vienna, Austria, Tel.: +43 (1) 89159-0, Fax: +43 (1) 89159-200, E- Mail: service@imh.at.

About Claus Michael Sattler

Claus Michael Sattler is the managing director of INDUfact UG (limited liability). As Interim Chief Digital Officer (CDO), consultant and university lecturer for “Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0, RAMI 4.0, IIoT Industrial Internet of Things and Made in China 2025” at the International Graduate Center (IGC) of the University of Applied Sciences Bremen (HSB) / Bremen City University of Applied Sciences and lecturer at various institutions for “Smart Home, Smart Office, Smart Factory, Smart City, Smart Country and Smart World” he has been dealing with these topics for years.

Claus Michael Sattler and employees of INDUfact are currently working for a group of companies that includes various companies in the logistics, fuel, mechanical engineering and hotel sectors.

He is the author and co-author of various books.

    • Author: “Enterprise Management”, published in November 1999 by Addison-Wesley Verlag
    • Co-author: “Digital transformation of healthcare services VII: Impulses for the pharmaceutical industry”, published in February 2020 by Springer-Gabler-Verlag
    • Co-author: “Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare” will be published by Springer-Gabler-Verlag on February 9, 2022
    • Author: “Simply think data differently! – Companies’ undiscovered gold!’ will be released in Q4. 2023
    • Autor: „Daten einfach anders denken! – Das unentdeckte Gold der Unternehmen!“ will be released in Q1.2024
    • Claus Michael Sattler and his team are available through INDUfact UG (limited liability), Postfach 1142, 28833 Weyhe, Tel. 0049 (174) 6031377.

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