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Claus Michael Sattler

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Do you want or need to digitize your company?

I am the problem solver at your side!

My name is Claus Michael Sattler and I will help you to make your company fit for the digital future so that you can still be successful in the market 10 years from now.

My consulting services may be eligible for public funding.

www.cmsattler.de - Digitale Transformation

Quick test Digital transformation in special times

How well is your company positioned?​

  • Data-supported management decisions
  • Machine to machine communication
  • Interface machine / human
  • Vertical IT integration of internal IT and OT systems
  • Horizontal IT integration with suppliers and customers
  • Data ownership vs. data usability

Initial Situation

The last Hanover trade fair from May 30, 2022 to June 2, 2022 showed it. Digitization, digital transformation, Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are on everyone’s lips, but companies are not being offered any solutions. In Europe, and especially in Germany, we are a long way from real solutions that are common on the world market.

The competition with foreign providers who are pushing into the established market in Germany, Europe and worldwide will intensify significantly. So it could happen that healthy hidden champions of medium-sized companies become real takeover candidates.

This development presents entrepreneurs with greater challenges than previously anticipated.

Task now

If entrepreneurs have so far been able to cope well with the changing situations, they will probably soon have to reckon with a significantly worse situation and run the company completely differently, run data-driven. A large part of the existing IT systems and the existing OT systems as well as the data obtained there across all departments would then have to be vertically IT-integrated, i.e. the data must be compatible / homogenized with each other. A horizontal IT integration of your own IT and OT systems with those of suppliers and customers would then have to be in place.

Happy are those who have a forward-looking IT manager who already implements functioning, digitized processes in the company, has integrated all systems on the data side and can quickly and flexibly implement integration with suppliers or customers. Now it is particularly important for entrepreneurs to recognize the company’s own abilities under changed framework conditions and, if necessary, to initiate suitable countermeasures or simply take precautions.

Ein geeigneter Moment, um auch den Grad der eigenen Digitalisierung jetzt und für die Zukunft klar zu bestimmen und „Segel zu setzen“!

My offer for you!

Together with our “Transformation Mittelstand” competence team, I have developed a quick test that gives you clarity at a fixed price:

Schritt 1

Schritt 2

Schritt 3

Agreement procedure

As-is recording and analysis​

Concept & recommendation for actions

www.cmsattler.de - Claus Michael Sattler
www.cmsattler.de - IST-Analyse
www.cmsattler.de - Konzept und Handlungsempfehlungen
In a short – free of charge for you – telephone call in advance
  • Let’s introduce ourselves
  • Discuss the procedure with you
  • Talk about the rough task
  • Determine the required specialists for your tasks and requirements

In just one man day

  • We will conduct a video conference* with you and/or your employees
  • Record all essential information using our questionnaire
  • Discuss these internally with our specialists and evaluate them

Based on the data collected, you will then receive

  • The current actual recording
  • A short TARGET concept
  • Recommendations for action for the NOW necessary steps

We will also use this opportunity to determine the degree of digitization and provide information on possible future directions.

*If you wish, we can also carry out the interview at your site – in compliance with the hygiene regulations – and verify the findings made at the same time. We will be happy to create a separate offer for this.

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Contact Details

Formal / Legal

Claus Michael Sattler
(Master Craftsman / Business Economist)

P.O.-Box 1142
28833 Weyhe

Telephone: 0049 (174) 6031377
Email: cmsattler@cmsattler.de


Diploma in Economics and Sinology
Renate Sattler
HKUST-Kellogg-EMBA (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

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