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Capvis AG Executive Forum on November 9, 2022

Data and data analysis are increasingly becoming a competitive advantage across all industries, but the transformation to a data-driven company is complex and goes beyond technical aspects.

Please watch the video now, in which the organizer of the Executive Forum on November 9, 2022, Capvis AG, and the speakers have their say. The most important points of the Capvis Executive Forum have been summarized for you in two minutes.

Titles of the lectures

Many thanks to the inviting person and Managing Partner at Capvis AG, Mr. Daniel Flaig, the organizer, Mr. Immanuel von Aesch, and the organization team, Mrs. Johanna Gascoin and Mrs. Samira Hermann, as well as to the other speakers, Mrs. Prof. Dr. Christine Legner and Mrs. Alice Vaskova from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, and Mr. Adam Votava from data:diligence Ltd., London, UK.

  • Immanuel von Aesch: “Data & Analytics at Capvis – Our approach to value creation with data”
  • Prof. Dr. Christine Legner: „Data Strategy – The Foundation for Value Creation with Data“
  • Claus Michael Sattler: „Zen or the Essentials of Data Culture and Data Skills“
  • Adam Votava: „How to unlock the full value of data?“
  • Alice Vaskova: „Analytics in Action“

Zen or the Essentials of Data Culture and Data Skills

In my lecture “Zen or the Essentials of Data Culture and Data Skills”, I highlighted the following points using the example of projects that have already been implemented in middle- and medium-sized companies:

  1. Sensitization of the participants using the example of Helene Fischer and Susan Boyle, how the same information base can have different effects.
  2. Introduction of the term “Simply think data differently! Companies’ undiscovered gold!”
  3. Data Culture
    1. Data
      1. What kind of data the companies have!
      2. What kind of data the C-level-management wants!
      3. What the C-level-managements want to generate from the data!
      4. What the third parties would generate from the data!
    2. Data Availability
    3. Framework for Data Culture
    4. Vertical IT Integration and Horizontal IT Integration
    5. Data Analysis Tools
      1. Data Warehouse
      2. Data Lake
      3. Data Virtualisierung
      4. Enterprise Data Fabric
      5. Smart Data Fabric
  4. Data Skills
    1. Managers Mistakes
    2. Skills for C-Level-Manager
    3. Skills for Teams
    4. Agile Project Management Methods

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